Free early education for two year olds

If you're the parent or carer of a two year old and you receive certain benefits you could be eligible to apply for a free early education place

Please note:

You can only apply here for 2 Year old funding if you want to access a Knowsley childcare provision

Check your Local Authority


The quickest way to apply is online. You'll need a parent or carer's National Insurance number.

It is important that your date of birth, National Insurance or National Asylum Seeker Support number, and the spelling of your surname are entered in exactly the same way as they appear on your official documents (such as a driver's license, passport or benefits letter). If the information you enter on this form is different to your official documents, we may not be able to find out if you are eligible.

Apply for your place online

PLEASE NOTE: A separate application must be done for each child, particularly in the case where there is more than one child with the same date of birth i.e. in the case of twins, triplets etc. Funding is available for a range of early year's providers, schools/academies nurseries, pre-schools, playgroups and childminders. Contact Knowsley Children's Information Service on 0151 443 5633 for more information.

Other ways to apply
Contact your local Children's Centre, nursery or Health Visitor who can help you apply.

Further Information

Please check here for further information, such as; Open and Closing dates for 2 year offer applications.